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  • Phil Rose

    Not in my back yard!

    Changing NIMBY’s to IMBY’s – The Case for Community Land Auctions The biggest symbol of the failure of Britain’s planning system is the huge rise in the ratio of house prices to incomes. In the East,...

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  • Congratulations

    All the staff at Foundation East celebrated the wedding of their colleague Business Loans manager, Bob Shimmon last Saturday. Congratulations to Bob and Claire. Thanks for a great evening and we need...

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  • Not all news is bad news

    Catherine Wheatley from The Sunday Times discusses the importance of Community Development Finance Institutes in the local and national economy in her article that was released on the 15/01/2012. David...

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  • We don't all hang about on the street corner

    I have now been working with Foundation East for two months and gratefully receiving pay cheques. I have now been mildly coerced into writing for this blog. The question was and still is what d I write...

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  • Richard Glinn

    Good Tidings We Bring, To You and Your Kin

    OK, there is a lot of bad news around. Or rather bad news is publicised more than good news. Good news does not, at most times, sell enough newspapers, or attract enough viewers or listeners. Then at...

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