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  • Bob Shimmon

    It’s Willie Nelson’s Birthday!!!

    To be accurate, it was Willie’s birthday when I wrote this blog on the 30th of April, when he reached the ripe old age of 79 years old – or perhaps young? So What? You may be saying. Or perhaps, Willie...

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  • Richard Glinn

    Sparrow or Sparrow Hawk?

    My brother-in-law died of pancreatic cancer on Thursday 29th March. He was 68 and up to the point where he started to feel ill (which was only a few months ago) he was one of the healthiest, fittest...

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  • Mark Gipson

    A Bit of Legal Guidance - Part 2

    In part one of the blog that was published last week, I gave a bit of guidance for new business with regards to Business Structure and Liability. Following on from this I felt it may be useful for those...

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  • Mark Gipson

    A Bit of Legal Guidance

    My name is Mark Gipson. I am a partner in the corporate/commercial department of Birketts LLP, based in our Ipswich office. For the last five years it has been a great privilege to be on the board of...

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  • Valerie Jarrett

    Be ready for the unexpected

    I was recently driving back from a weekend in the North East of England in snow, rain and wind only a few days prior I had been enjoying glorious sunshine and warmer temperatures, yes, that was in the...

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