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  • The journey of my business

    Two years ago I would never have imagined I would be in the position I am today. After leaving a well-paid job I took what I like to call my ‘leap of faith’ into the business world for the first time. With...

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  • What makes a good business plan?

    If you talk to a military man, he will tell you that a plan is unlikely to survive the first hour of the battle. I once served on a joint government / private sector committee that focussed on British...

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  • Never judge a book by its cover

     Throughout my teenage years I focused quite a lot on what people looked like on the outside, I didn’t really know how to make a judgement about what someone was really like on the inside. In my twenties...

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  • Bob Shimmon

    Networking – Strength or Weakness? Opportunity or Threat?

    Love them or loathe them, Networking events are now a major part of business marketing strategy. A great networker will become the face of his or her business and establish valuable business relationships,...

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  • The time for humour

    Ever had an embarrassing moment when you were with your parents and a situation occurs where you don’t know what to say or do? Twelve years ago my Father and Mother came with my wife, Sandy, and myself...

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