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  • Never judge a book by its cover

     Throughout my teenage years I focused quite a lot on what people looked like on the outside, I didn’t really know how to make a judgement about what someone was really like on the inside. In my twenties...

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  • Bob Shimmon

    Networking – Strength or Weakness? Opportunity or Threat?

    Love them or loathe them, Networking events are now a major part of business marketing strategy. A great networker will become the face of his or her business and establish valuable business relationships,...

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  • The time for humour

    Ever had an embarrassing moment when you were with your parents and a situation occurs where you don’t know what to say or do? Twelve years ago my Father and Mother came with my wife, Sandy, and myself...

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  • Peter Davis

    What Is A Business Plan And Cash Flow Forecast?

    This is the final question for £1m on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, the four options you have are as follows: A. It is what is needed to start a new business. B. It is what needs to be continually...

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  • Katy Ford

    Sceptical to Sociable

    I am sure that many reading this will have heard about Twittering, Blogging and the like and have even become “friends” of their own children on Facebook, but how many actually understand what this new...

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