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  • Help an entrepreneur unable to get loan finance

    Help an entrepreneur unable to get loan finance

    How can you help an entrepreneur whose application for a loan has been declined? Why our computers don’t say ‘No’ and how, together, we can help SMEs across eastern England to start up, survive and thrive responsibly.

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  • Building Business Sales

    Whatever stage your business is at and whatever type of business you have, it is very likely that you will be keen to see your sales revenue grow. Here are a few common sense measures that can help you...

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  • Richard Glinn

    Good Tidings We Bring, To You and Your Kin

    OK, there is a lot of bad news around. Or rather bad news is publicised more than good news. Good news does not, at most times, sell enough newspapers, or attract enough viewers or listeners. Then at...

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  • Bob Shimmon

    Find the Gap

    A bright idea that takes advantage of a gap in the market is a perfect ingredient for a successful business. It’s often not hours of market research that reveals these niches, but something that happens...

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  • The journey of my business

    Two years ago I would never have imagined I would be in the position I am today. After leaving a well-paid job I took what I like to call my ‘leap of faith’ into the business world for the first time. With...

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