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All posts in Business advice

  • Valerie Jarrett

    Pearls of Wisdom

    Having recently renewed and increased my SFEDI (small firms enterprise development initiative) accreditation I have been heavily reminded of, not only my responsibility to clients to give them good quality...

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  • Debbie Wildridge

    It’s all in the family

    As the daughter of a farmer, it seemed the most natural thing for my brother and I to contribute to the running of our busy arable and livestock farm from an early age. Our summer holidays were the busiest...

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  • Bob Shimmon

    The You.S.P

    How many times are you asked, what’s your Unique Selling Point? Bankers and Investors will ask you, Marketeers and PR Consultants will ask you – some may even help you search for it! But when you really...

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  • Richard Glinn

    To be or not to be – SCARED? Yes you should be. But for all the best reasons

    I have always found that being nervous prior to public speaking or embarking on a venture, playing sport, attending an interview or hosting an event means that you invariably perform your duties well....

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  • Bob Shimmon

    Find the Gap

    A bright idea that takes advantage of a gap in the market is a perfect ingredient for a successful business. It’s often not hours of market research that reveals these niches, but something that happens...

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