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  • Wet Weather Makes Jack’s Cheques Rosy

    Having studied law at the University of Glamorgan, Jack Passant moved to London in 2011 and began work as an Investment Broker. Being a regular attendee at summer festivals he came to appreciate that...

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  • Peter Wood

    The Dream Blog

    Are there a lot of prospective business men and woman who dream of starting their own business but who never see that dream through to reality?Looking at how many enquiries we receive at Foundation...

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  • Katy Ford

    If at first you don’t succeed...

    My New Year’s Resolutions (like a lot of people), include the getting slimmer, through the eating less and exercising more method. I am sad to say that even though it’s only the 7th January my New Year’s...

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  • Richard Glinn

    I went to church last Saturday. This is unusual

    I went to church last Saturday. This is unusual for me. Truth to tell I went to see a concert in a church and it was not your usual Christmas concert. Pic

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  • Chris Storey

    Networking or Not Working

    Many businesses participate in networking events as a way of gaining new contacts and leads to potential work. Word of mouth is often the best way of gaining new work and this relies on your circle of...

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