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  • Bob Shimmon

    Curtain Up . . . . . . It’s Opening Night!!

    Our village is rejoicing at the opening of a new restaurant this week. Opening night has come & gone and rave reviews abound – “portion sizes were huge”; “the prices were really reasonable”; “we will...

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  • What's In A Coach?

    One of the ways in which we as an organisation strive to help the businesses we support is providing access to a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches. These coaches are an important stage...

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  • Are the banks backing small business or not?

    Figures have revealed that in the last year of the 827,000 applications from SMEs to banks for credit (e.g. loans, overdrafts and credit cards) were 86% approved. In these ongoing times of a depressed...

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  • Are you a necessity-based or opportunity-based entrepreneurs

    Towards the end of Hugh Muir’s often insightful, quietly brilliant and (I hasten to add) ironically-titled Hideously Diverse Britain column in the Guardian yesterday there was a reference which piqued...

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  • Star FM

    Richard gave an interview recently to Cambridge Star FM. He gives an over-view of Foundation East and the work that we are doing in the region. To listen use the following link: Star FM

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