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  • Katy Ford

    Don't Put Funding for Lending on Steroids

    Nick Clegg has spoken this week of the need to extend the Funding for Lending scheme and "put it on steroids". George Osborne, Vince Cable and the Bank of England are also desperate to get the scheme...

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  • Turning the old in to the new

    Turning the old in to the new

    When Matt Rump decided to refurbish some old bikes at the end of his garden and sell them for spare parts on eBay he never expected to turn that into a full service cycle shop in Kessingland, Suffolk....

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  • Belinda Bell

    Doing things differently

    Earlier this month at the World Economic Forum at Davos there was much talk of ‘ethical capitalism’, reflecting the increasingly widespread recognition that capital can be used for social good. Using...

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  • Katy Ford

    If at first you don’t succeed...

    My New Year’s Resolutions (like a lot of people), include the getting slimmer, through the eating less and exercising more method. I am sad to say that even though it’s only the 7th January my New Year’s...

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  • Stephen Cook

    Extraordinary Support for Exceptional People

    This time of the year is naturally a period of reflection. Television programmes and newspapers will all be conducting a variety of 2012 reviews. As a member and director at Foundation East it is terrific...

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