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Andalyn Country Cat Hotel – Perfect Entrepreneurial Catalyst

Andalyn Country Cat Hotel – Perfect Entrepreneurial Catalyst

Business name: Andalyn Country Cat Hotel
Industry: Feline Accommodation
Location: Allwood Green, Norfolk


Sometimes even thirty years of experience in the industry, two years of market research and your own capital ready to invest is not enough to convince your bank manager that your business proposition is a viable one. Lynn Putland discovered this bitter truth when she asked her local bank to support her concept of luxurious cat accommodation in Suffolk.

As an experienced breeder, she knew her new idea could be a lucrative venture, so she refused to give up and got in touch with Foundation East.


Lynn delivered a detailed presentation about her business idea and implementation strategy and was awarded a loan to fund the building of her cat hotel.  

Comfort, cleanliness, luxury – this is what was to make Andalyn Country Cat Hotel special. Five star quality is paramount when it comes to accommodation and customer service – of both the human and feline kind. Lynn instructed to have her ‘penthouses’ created from PVCu, so that they are easy to clean, stylish by design and truly comfortable with thermostatically controlled radiators, cosy suntraps and equipped with cosy bedding. Entertainment is provided by carefully chosen toys and scratching posts and towers; however, let us not forget about the view to a lovely landscaped courtyard with a water feature.


Andalyn Country Cat Hotel opened its doors to its first feline guests in 2004. However, owner Lynne admits she wouldn’t be where she is today without the encouraging support she received: “When you start a business it’s important to have both financial support and ongoing guidance from a friendly and trusted source. My contacts at Foundation East have always been really hands-on and helpful, coming out to see me every couple of weeks in the early days. They’re still as important to me, contacting me every month for a chat and an update on business.”

Where they are today

Lynn’s feline accommodation includes fifteen double penthouses and her venue is a Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) approved Cattery. Last time we checked she had 500 clients on the books and 787 cats registered on the database. What is more, she is helping to train apprentices from the local college who are studying for their NVQ’s in Animal Management.

This success story is an excellent example of how a great vision supported by hard work creates a fantastic reputation and a thriving business. Read more about this brilliant venture at