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Claire Tyler

Claire Tyler

When the clothes manufacturing industry started to shift back to the UK following over 15 years of market dominance in Asia, entrepreneurial couple Claire and Tony Tyler decided to re-locate from Greece to start up a business supplying dresses and other fashion clothes to the high street shops.

Based in Luton, Bedfordshire, which had once been a vibrant garment making town, Claire and Tony have established a strong client base of well recognised brand shops whose demand for quality but affordable clothes is met

Claire and Tony found themselves in a recession hit country with little prospects of work, and decided that this would be a good time to return to Luton and try their hand in the clothes business. The original business model relied purely on employing numerous part time workers on a piece work basis which enabled many people, mainly women, to supplement their income whilst remaining at home. More and more women are learning seamstress skills and the workforce in Luton is growing. The company now has a blend of in-house and remote workers.

In order to ensure the feasibility of the business Claire and Tony undertook some test-trading which proved to be a big success, with customers asking them to take on more work. To expand the business and employ more at-home workers to fulfil the growing order book, the couple needed funds to pay wages and to purchase new equipment. They initially turned to their bank for help but were declined due to their lack of credit history in this country. Their bank manager however was aware of the products Foundation East offer and suggested the couple contact us instead.

Helped by their Business Loans Manager Bob Shimmon and their coach Jayne Bratton, the business continues to grow. The couple are looking to expand by launching their own brand of fashion clothes in the near future, and become an on-line retailer.