About Us

About Us

About Us

Foundation East is a Registered Society

Our mission is to support job creation, job sustainability and to strengthen communities by providing financial products and associated services. Foundation East is a membership organisation, based in the East of England, that is democratically run and controlled by its members; who share and support the values and mission of Foundation East. We are a Registered Society, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and recognised by HMRC as an exempt charity.

We raise capital to lend to our customers by selling shares in the Society. Both ordinary and Community Investment Tax Relief, or "CITR" shares are available to purchase. More information on investing in us and becoming a member of Foundation East can be found on our investment page.

We lend up to £100,000 to businesses

We are here to champion local entrepreneurial spirit by providing finance and support to businesses and benefit local communities. For more information on the loan products we provide visit our loans page.

Whilst sector issues, lack of security or a low credit score may be enough to prevent the high street bank from considering a proposition, we assess the viability of the business to make our decision. We know that most businesses will face obstacles at some point in their journey, we help them to overcome these hurdles and enable enterprises to continue to develop and grow.

We may say yes, even if "computer says no"

“Lending decisions over recent years have increasingly been made by a computer and this has ignored more tangible elements, such as the management skills and commitment of the work force that can help a business move forward and succeed” – Foundation East Chief Executive, Katy Ford.

Do you have a viable business proposal and are passionate about your idea?

Let’s talk about your business and explore if we can help you to develop it further.

We are different

Foundation East demonstrates that a new thinking is possible and it is making a difference to peoples' lives. We analyse your business plan and cash flow projections and we seek to understand you and your businesses credit history. Unlike a bank, we do not use a credit scoring system to make our decision. Software, however sophisticated, can easily ignore genuine business potential. Stagnant numbers in neat columns of financial reports describe the facts of past performance, but lack the energy of the person or a team they represent. What is more, we will talk to you about your ideas and your businesses future. We are interested in finding out what you want to achieve, what drives your business and why you wish to develop your enterprise. 

Pragmatism over idealism

Our desire is to help turn business ideas into real enterprises and to help support their growth thereafter. We have designed our business loan products to support small and medium sized enterprises (SME's).

Let’s talk about your enterprise and how we can help you develop it further; 

To apply for a business loan, visit our Apply Now page here.

If you have a general enquiry you can contact us here.

Registered Society Rules

As a Registered Society, Foundation East is governed by our Rules, a copy of which can be downloaded here.