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Annual Review

Annual Review

Each year we are proud to produce an Annual Review to demonstrate to all our stakeholders the value of our work.

With our 2018 Annual Review, we decided to take the opportunity to celebrate 100 years of women's suffrage by producing a document in the style of a suffragette banner which includes case studies of some of the inspiring women entrepreneurs we have helped. Also for the first time ever we have included a 'DIY' element to our publication where you can create your own 'Loans for Women' banner; take a selfie and help us spread the word on social media using #loansforwomen   

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Our aim for the 2017 Foundation East Annual Review was to capture the spirit and heritage of the classic Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper’s, which in 2017 celebrated the 50th anniversary since it’s release. Bursting with Case Studies, Statistics and helpful information about Foundation East such as how to invest in Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR) shares, we really believe our Annual Reviews are “Getting Better” every year.

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For 2016 our Annual Review celebrates the 400-year legacy of William Shakespeare. Chair, Peter Jones, welcomes you to the document and celebrates exceeding our loan disbursal targets. Packing in some great case studies of customers we've helped this year, "readeth" on!

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In 2015, our Annual Review took on a Back to the Future theme. This was the year that Marty McFly travelled to way back in 1985 and experienced what 21st Century life would be like. The result was that our mascot, Louis Loanman, gained some Nike trainers rather than brogues; a multi-coloured hat rather than his quiff; and jeans rather than suit trousers, in a more relaxed and colourful Annual Review. Katy Ford welcomes you to the 2015 review. Within the document, you can see the result of our work in 4 of our chosen case studies. We have demonstrated the economic impact of our work which resulted in 276 jobs saved or created and 149 businesses funded.

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In 2014, the Annual Review took a Star Trek theme, with "Louis Loanman" boarding the "Starship Small and Medium Enterprise" and proudly proclaiming Foundation East's mission - "To Boldly Go Where No Bank Has Gone Before!". Katy Ford welcomes you to the document and advises what has been going on during the year. Case studies of some of those that have benefited from loans during the year are featured along with the summary of our financial statements and the Chair's Report.

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For 2012 and 2013 the Annual Review was produced as an attractive desk calendar which featured 15 case studies on some of our clients' inspiring and motivating stories, along with a summary of our financial statements, social accounts and Directors' Report. The 2012 calendar was shortlisted for the National Chartered Institute of Public Relations award for the Best External Publication and was the winner in the regional awards.

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