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  • Retirement – No Chance – Absolute Nonsense!

    Do you really feel that there will be such a thing as retirement for the majority in the future? The state retirement age is already being pushed higher as the state pension scheme struggles to attempt...

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  • Foundation East – On the Road

    In last week’s blog, Richard threw his praise at the work that local and even national news agencies are doing to helping to increase the profile of Foundation East, not only across the six counties which...

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  • Richard Glinn


    The expenditure budgets corporate organisations allocate to Marketing are often figures which, because of their size, are beyond understanding for many of us; a bit like the roll-overs on the Euromillions...

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  • Phil Rose

    Not in my back yard!

    Changing NIMBY’s to IMBY’s – The Case for Community Land Auctions The biggest symbol of the failure of Britain’s planning system is the huge rise in the ratio of house prices to incomes. In the East,...

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  • Congratulations

    All the staff at Foundation East celebrated the wedding of their colleague Business Loans manager, Bob Shimmon last Saturday. Congratulations to Bob and Claire. Thanks for a great evening and we need...

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