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Fund Management

Fund Management

We provide a professional Loan and Fund Management Service.

We will: 

  • Undertake thorough due diligence and credit checks on loan or grant beneficiaries including checking the credit status of their suppliers if relevant;

  • Produce legally enforceable documentation including personal and third party guarantees, debentures and other security requirements and can enforce security if necessary;

  • Disburse funds to the beneficiaries accounts by same day Bacs;

  • Collect repayments if applicable by Direct Debit;

  • Provide fiduciary bank accounts to safely hold any of funds awaiting disbursal or repayment;

  • Liaise with both the loan beneficiaries and with you if your beneficiaries direct debit collections are not honoured and work with them to secure future repayments;

  • Provide you will regular reports on the performance of your fund.

The cost of the Loan and Fund Management Service will be dependent on your individual requirements so we will work with you to reach a mutually convenient solution to your Loan and Fund Management needs.

We look forward to hearing from you.