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Social Return

Social Return

We are delighted to present the findings from our first Social Return on Investment report. More than ever in these uncertain economic times, the finance and support Foundation East offers to businesses continues to be so important. But as a mission–led and values-driven organisation, we were keen to undergo an objective and impartial evaluation, so we could measure the wider social benefits of our lending model, which hitherto had been anecdotal.

Accurate and relevant financial information has always been collected by us, but until now the social outcomes and therefore impacts of the service had not been evaluated in any significant way. Many of these outcomes are qualitative in nature, and it has always been difficult to find a tool that would be able to accurately measure and place a value on the activity.

This report demonstrates that it is possible to quantify the benefits of community lending using the Social Return on Investment framework. The report clearly shows that the impact of lending to excluded sections of society is an encouraging and significant one. Increases in confidence, improved business skills and the ability to access mainstream finance are just a few of the positive impacts the lending has had.

Our driving force is to fulfil our mission. The social capital that we create and help create is of utmost importance to us. The newly commissioned report 'Social Return on Investment - a case for community financing', calculates that for every £1 invested by Foundation East £15.68 of social and economic value is produced.

View our Economic Impact report below. Latest updates on our social return are included in our annual reviews

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