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5 Ways to Maximise Social Impact within your investment

Make sure your investment...


1. Is supporting the development of local businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the UK's economy, contributing to 52% of all private sector turnover, and yet these business are often under represented and underfunded by mainstream lenders, by ensuring your investment contributes to these businesses you're ensuring a vibrant and prosperous economy, maximising its social impact.

2. Helps to create new jobs and safeguard existing ones

SMEs account for 60% of all private sector employment in the UK. By ensuring your investment is reaching SMEs which are creating and safeguarding jobs, you can be confident that your investment is maximizing its social impact.

3. Relieves the pressure on the public purse through reducing benefit claims

Simply put, the less people who rely on benefit schemes such as Job Seekers Allowance the more money is available to spend on necessary public services such as education, policing, and healthcare, ensuring your investment reaches the right people improves the day-to-day life of all individuals in the UK maximizing its social impact.

4. Boosts public spending by increasing the numbers of local taxpayers

Individuals in jobs and SME businesses all contribute taxes to local and national government. By ensuring that your investment reaches the business and individuals who pay taxes their fair share of taxes you're ensuring, that public spending benefits the people who need it most maximizing its social impact.

5. Directly improves individuals personal wellbeing and personal circumstances

Wellbeing, a persons experience and quality of life. It's not hard imagine a situation where a lack of income, can effect a persons wellbeing, but there are many other factors involved, education, emotional support, a sense of achievement, quality time spend with family and friends, to name a few. The New Economics Foundation has said that promoting people’s wellbeing should be considered one of the ultimate aims of society. By ensuring your investment gets to the right people with the right access to support when they need it, you can ensure your investment is maximizing its social impact.

Hold on a moment...

Did you know that Community Investment Tax Relief offers all of the 5 benefits above, and offers a yield of 5% per annum!

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