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Be ready for the unexpected

I was recently driving back from a weekend in the North East of England in snow, rain and wind only a few days prior I had been enjoying glorious sunshine and warmer temperatures, yes, that was in the UK in February.......

So one day the news is all about the drought in the South East. But a few days later, there is an absolute deluge of rain. After these reports of drought it seems hard to believe how quickly things can change.

To top it all, on my journey back from the North East of England, the A14 was closed with a tailback of nine miles of traffic, and this was, to say the least, a great disappointment to me as I thought I would be home much earlier.

This is where the planning comes in. How can you plan for the unexpected you may say? I often hear comments like – it would have been okay if I had expected it.....

It reminds me of a friend of mine, whilst travelling home late one night from a weekend away, came across a very serious accident. This was before the advent of mobile phones and, realising that this was extremely serious, he needed the emergency services. He spotted in the distance a house with lights on and sent his girlfriend to go for help. He knew she would never cope with the carnage he felt was before him.

On arriving at the cars (or what was left of them) he went about his assessment. Two people dead – can’t help them. One person injured but capable of remaining in situe. The fourth person was dying and not going to be alive when help arrived. He sat with this person until they died so that at least they did not die alone.

On hearing this tale I commented ‘glad it wasn’t me, how did you cope’. ‘Easy’ he said ‘it is part of my training at work and I went into autopilot’.
The point here is he had not planned for this to happen but his training (planning) allowed him to cope with the unexpected.

Remember – life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about being ready and prepared when the storm arrives. So those of you who run your own businesses (or another person’s business) plan and be prepared for the unexpected.

Valerie Jarrett, Business Loans Manager for Norfolk & Suffolk

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    Valerie Jarrett

    Valerie Jarrett

    Business Loans Manager for Norfolk and Suffolk

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