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  • Home-grown business campaign in the news

    The launch of the home-grown business campaign yesterday was a huge success. Katy Ford was interviewed alongside owners of the businesses Foundation East has helped. Coverage is starting to pop up on...

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  • What makes a good business plan?

    If you talk to a military man, he will tell you that a plan is unlikely to survive the first hour of the battle. I once served on a joint government / private sector committee that focussed on British...

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  • Peter Davis

    What Is A Business Plan And Cash Flow Forecast?

    This is the final question for £1m on ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, the four options you have are as follows: A. It is what is needed to start a new business. B. It is what needs to be continually...

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  • Take Six

    Writing a business plan may sound daunting, but all it involves is putting what is in your head down on paper. Getting started is the biggest challenge, so here is a tip. Write the following six headings...

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