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  • Mark Braithwaite

    The joy of Membership – a Businessman’s perspective

    So what do you do with a degree in Zoology in 1982?Join the business world in a sharp end commercial role is not the most obvious answer but that is what I did. After a couple of similar roles I found...

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  • Stephen Cook

    Extraordinary Support for Exceptional People

    This time of the year is naturally a period of reflection. Television programmes and newspapers will all be conducting a variety of 2012 reviews. As a member and director at Foundation East it is terrific...

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  • David Bell

    Wanted: wealthy, tax-savvy lefties …

    N.B. Nothing in the piece is intended as financial advice. Individuals’ own tax circumstances will vary.This week saw the launch of a type of financial investment product new to the social finance sector....

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  • What's In A Coach?

    One of the ways in which we as an organisation strive to help the businesses we support is providing access to a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches. These coaches are an important stage...

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  • Star FM

    Richard gave an interview recently to Cambridge Star FM. He gives an over-view of Foundation East and the work that we are doing in the region. To listen use the following link: Star FM

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