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  • Belinda Bell

    Doing things differently

    Earlier this month at the World Economic Forum at Davos there was much talk of ‘ethical capitalism’, reflecting the increasingly widespread recognition that capital can be used for social good. Using...

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  • Mark Braithwaite

    The joy of Membership – a Businessman’s perspective

    So what do you do with a degree in Zoology in 1982?Join the business world in a sharp end commercial role is not the most obvious answer but that is what I did. After a couple of similar roles I found...

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  • Stephen Cook

    Extraordinary Support for Exceptional People

    This time of the year is naturally a period of reflection. Television programmes and newspapers will all be conducting a variety of 2012 reviews. As a member and director at Foundation East it is terrific...

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  • David Bell

    Wanted: wealthy, tax-savvy lefties …

    N.B. Nothing in the piece is intended as financial advice. Individuals’ own tax circumstances will vary.This week saw the launch of a type of financial investment product new to the social finance sector....

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  • What's In A Coach?

    One of the ways in which we as an organisation strive to help the businesses we support is providing access to a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches. These coaches are an important stage...

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