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All posts in What I learnt this week

  • Mind your Language

    Mind your Language

    What is a 5 fold accie? What is a bag of sand? What is a Canadian?

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  • Determination and Passion are part of the Formula for Success

    When starting a business one of the major hurdles is accessing finance to get that dream of the ground. But what comes next? A lot of the time a large emphasis is placed on getting the finance that is...

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  • Think you know it all? So did I

    I’ve been in business, working for other people and for myself, for 30 years. Not much gets past me. I know it all. Well, actually, I thought I knew it all.  When Foundation East agreed to give me a...

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  • Worthy of Credit

    Muhammad Yunus, the Nobel Peace Laureate, has had many a creditworthy mention. Starting with 42 families and 27 dollars of his own in 1976 he built a formidable institution, the Grameen Bank, in Bangladesh.  I...

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  • Katy Ford

    Sceptical to Sociable

    I am sure that many reading this will have heard about Twittering, Blogging and the like and have even become “friends” of their own children on Facebook, but how many actually understand what this new...

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