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Enterprise or employment, which is best?

22nd January 2013 By John Stenhouse in Business loans

Business loans directorFor many the daunting task of entering into the unknown world of self employment is fraught  with fear and suspicion. With HMRC threatening every move made with dire threats of fines  and even worse criminal records, accountants speaking in a strange language and solicitors  poised to attack if a mistake is made, it is no wonder it is a frightening place to be. So why do  it?

Well lets look at the job market, how many high street chains have folded with shop closures  and no one taking their place? What are the redundant stores staff good at and what do most  entrepreneurs lack? Selling skills in the most part, entrepreneurs may they have good ideas and are even better at making things but can they market and sell?

Start Up businesses need to be able to sell their goods and services, otherwise they just have a good idea. Could all new Start Up businesses employ a sales person, probably not, but they should if only to make sure the product or services they advertise are sold effectively.

The days of long term employment are probably over for good and it is likely that everyone will at some point in their lifetime have a period of self employment, whether that is at the commencement of their working life or in their twilight years. It is time educationists recognise this and incorporate self employment skills in the basic learning everyone should have.

Start Up Business Loans are now available to even the young (over 18 and under 30) and there is a golden opportunity for the young to try business for themselves first hand with the help of an experienced business mentor by their side. www.18-30.org for more information. Over 30’s and find out more at www.foundationeast.org the world is out there now ready for the taking.

John Stenhouse, Start-Up Loans Manager

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