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Extraordinary Support for Exceptional People

This time of the year is naturally a period of reflection. Television programmes and newspapers will all be conducting a variety of 2012 reviews. As a member and director at Foundation East it is terrific to think about some of the Exceptional People the organisation has been able to help during 2012 and the Extraordinary Support that the team has been able to provide.

This year’s Annual Review is full of great stories of start-ups and existing small businesses that have been supported by Foundation East. It’s not just about finance; it’s also about the on-going support and advice from the Business Loans Managers and coaches.

The Annual Review is itself exceptional. It has been produced as a 2012-2013 desk calendar. It looks great on my desk, it is very colourful and my understanding is that it could be in line for some award nominations. Each month bears testimony to the Foundation East clients whose businesses, in the main, are surviving and in many cases thriving in the current economic climate.

There are some great business ideas, examples of innovative market research and clear indications of the dedication and commitment of the entrepreneurs themselves.

The people running these businesses are People with Passion. They range from a new type of children’s home, ‘Care4Kids’ to a DIY store called Fork ‘Andles’. The unusually named Provisional Marmalade provides insurance to provisional drivers and Brad Francis Media focuses on providing consultancy expertise to clients serving the disability industry. There are many further examples of companies which have benefited from their association with Foundation East.

These and the many other businesses applied to Foundation East when they were refused funding from more traditional lending sources. It always seems bizarre to me that these people were denied financial support from institutions that continually state they are supporting business.

As a Foundation East loan panel member myself the ingenuity, dedication and determination to be successful shines through in many of the loan applications and it’s rewarding to see them achieve their ambitions and create or safeguard employment after receiving so many ‘knock-backs’.

However, Foundation East is not complacent. I am looking forward to 2013 with great excitement as I am sure Foundation East will do more and consequently the next Annual Review will have to be even more innovative in order to cover every new story.

If you would like a free copy of the annual review please contact the office on 01284 757797 or send an email to marketing@foundationeast.org

Stephen Cook, Director

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