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Good Tidings We Bring, To You and Your Kin

3rd January 2012 By Richard Glinn in Big breaks, News, Current Affairs

OK, there is a lot of bad news around. Or rather bad news is publicised more than good news.

Good news does not, at most times, sell enough newspapers, or attract enough viewers or listeners. Then at this time of the year programmes come along such as Noel’s Christmas Presents with fantastic good news stories about people facing terrible adversity, selflessly helping their local communities and sacrificing their time for friends, colleagues and strangers. Because it is Christmas these stories come to the fore to offset countries going bust, rail travel tickets increasing and poor or inappropriate care for the elderly.

There is actually a lot of good news around, more than we realise or appreciate. In the summer there were riots with young people involved. At the same time and now all over the country there are young people volunteering their services and caring for others. So many young people cannot find work – that is the bad news. However, there are many who are occupying their time positively by gaining experience and at the same time helping others. The problem is that the media does not provide a balanced view. ‘Youth Helps Old Lady’ is not a headline which will be found on the front page. However, ‘Old Lady Robbed By Teenager’ is front page material.

I am not saying that we should hide away from bad news. However, I am arguing that the balance is not right. What we do to combat bad events or situations can be inspiring and often leads to some great news. There are always two sides to a coin and just like Noel Edmunds head, you can turn it upside down and get another face.

Talking of coins the economy is …….. (put in your own word). However, the good news is that there are still successful businesses and not just the well known names. There are profitable small and medium sized businesses in the East of England. There are businesses in all sectors that have started this year and they are trading well – led by young and old, college leavers and the redundant .If the economy is going to improve these people must be supported and their stories need to be told as an inspiration to others.

Over the past 12 months Foundation East has provided financial support to many of these businesses. One new headline concerns a young lady, Georgina Hobbs. Georgina worked for a holiday company leading treks in many parts of the world and came to realise that she could do this for herself. The bank disagreed but she was confident. Georgina had the drive and the passion. Foundation East believed that the business plan had ‘’legs’’ and consequently they put their faith and money into Georgina’s company. The result was Tailor Made Trekking, originally based near Bury St. Edmunds.

Georgina stated that, ‘Without Foundation East I would not have been able to pay for my web site and the publicity which helped start my business’.

Not missing any opportunity she also asked me to mention that she has just started offering treks in Morocco. Take a look at or contact at
The world is not going to change for you unless you change it yourself in 2012. Make some good news and get in touch if you need our help. For more inspiration there are recent local success stories available on our web site.

‘Banks not lending’ is a bad news headline’. ‘Local Organisation has funds for Businesses’ is the other side of the coin. ‘Good Tidings for Christmas and a Happy New Year' from all at Foundation East and apologies to Noel Edmunds.

Richard Glinn, Marketing and Membership Manager

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