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Invest In CITR Week

14th March 2019 By Foundation East in News

What is Invest in CITR Week?

Foundation East are launching Invest in CITR Week to celebrate and promote our Community Investment Tax Relief share offer, in order to continue our work to provide affordable and responsible loan finance to the small businesses and social enterprise community located in the East of England.

The aim is to get more people talking about CITR which is often overlooked despite being a pretty unique tax relief that allows the investor to derive a minimum 25% of their total investment, spread over a 5 year period, as well as having a proven positive social and economic impact. 

The date for Invest in CITR Week is 25-31 March.

Throughout the week we will be promoting CITR across our Social Media platforms, encouraging organisations and individuals to share and talk about the benefits of CITR as well as leading the charge to get more investment in our CITR share offer to enable more small businesses and social enterprises in the East of England to get the funding and support they need to grow and thrive.

You can support us by engaging in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #InvestInCITR and by downloading and sharing our Investment Prospectus.


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    Foundation East

    Foundation East is the only Responsible Finance provider offering loans and business support to businesses across the East of England. We create £15 of social value for every £1 we loan. To continue helping local entrepreneurs, we're becoming increasingly reliant on funds raised through members buying our CITR shares. Buying CITR shares brings many social, economic and financial benefits.

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