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It’s all doom and gloom out there…or is it?

Business loans directorWith all the press hype of how badly the economy is malfunctioning there are very few positive signs that business can survive this current double dip recession. Dig deeper and you will see that business still continues and not just because the Olympics are upon us.

I have first hand experience of seeing my current and former clients grow and develop. With the pound ever stronger against the Euro exports are difficult but not impossible, the cost of transportation from our shores having fallen as a result. Imports on the other hand provide excellent opportunities for the UK business to exploit currency fluctuations making foreign goods more profitable here. New opportunities arise every day and those businesses that think further ahead and plan can achieve more.

Seek out opportunities, don’t wait to see what will happen, make things happen instead. Foundation East support those businesses that are prepared to move forward, it is not about taking risks, it is about making business happen and securing a profitable future. Doing what we do every day, doing it more and doing it better.

John Stenhouse, Director

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    John Stenhouse

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