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Never judge a book by its cover

2nd March 2011 in Personal thoughts

 Throughout my teenage years I focused quite a lot on what people looked like on the outside, I didn’t really know how to make a judgement about what someone was really like on the inside.

In my twenties I got married and moved abroad and onto an army estate, this forced me to open my eyes wide and taught me lots of valuable lessons that I still use in life today. I had to learn very quickly not to be swayed by other people’s opinions of other people and to make an opinion based on my experiences with the person in question.

Now in my thirties I’ve moved back into the real world onto a normal street where your neighbours don’t know everything about each other and can only really judge you on your appearances and maybe by what car you drive!

When I began at Foundation East I watched people from all walks of life apply for loans and it soon became clear that an important part of processing a loan application wasn’t how glossy the business plan was or how wonderful the figures looked on paper, it was looking closely at the person driving the business idea forward that had the biggest part to play in the success of that business.

Those lessons I learnt in my twenties have definitely served me well. In my role I very quickly put these experiences to the test. When dealing with the ‘can’t pay won’t pay’ scenarios I had to use my skills to get behind what the real issues were and then look at what it was that we could do to help.

I have found that not judging that book, person or loan application by its cover and taking the time to look closely what lies beneath can pay dividends in any situation life may throw at you!

Rebecca Allen, Finance and Credit Controller

Rebecca takes responsibility for ensuring the loan portfolio quality is maintained and manages the day to day finance function. She has been with Foundation East since April 2008.

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