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Sparrow or Sparrow Hawk?

My brother-in-law died of pancreatic cancer on Thursday 29th March. He was 68 and up to the point where he started to feel ill (which was only a few months ago) he was one of the healthiest, fittest people I knew.

Two days ago I received a call from a work colleague, someone I have known for 40 years. In work he is recognised as an expert, the master in his particular area of expertise and he is very well rewarded. He has severe breathing difficulties. His lungs are functioning at 25% and probably going to get worse. Coupled with other health issues, he has had a very bad start to 2012. He is in his early 60’s.

My sister and brother in law fulfilled many dreams and had a fantastic life together .They had also ensured that my niece completed university without a financial burden and the same is happening with my nephew. Future plans included travelling, enjoying the grandchildren and special occasions and indulgencies based around their interests and hobbies.

It is good to make plans and have dreams but we all also have to accept that those plans might have to be changed or adapted. In our personal and business lives the unexpected will inevitably happen and surely we do not want everything to be predictable. It would be nice to benefit from pleasant surprises but some nasty shocks are also very probable.

You can and should prepare for situations as much as possible but one cannot second guess everything.

The one idea I really do support is that if you have an ambition and you have the means to fulfil it then go for it because you do not know what is around the corner.

In our work at Foundation East we meet people with business ideas and dreams that will never be fulfilled because they are waiting for the economy to improve. There will always reasons for waiting. At the same time we are providing loans to entrepreneurs now with passion, drive, plans and ideas. Our portfolio is strong and well controlled. The majority of our clients are repaying their loans on time and building their businesses.

There are some extraordinary people in this world who have made changes that most of us would never have thought possible. You don’t have to change the world but you may have the ability to change your life for the better before circumstances leave you saying;

‘I could have been a contender’.

Richard Glinn, Marketing and Membership Manager

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