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Take Six

Writing a business plan may sound daunting, but all it involves is putting what is in your head down on paper.

Getting started is the biggest challenge, so here is a tip.

Write the following six headings down on a big piece of paper (forget the computer for now) sharpen your pencil and get started.

1. What

2. Why

3. When

4. Where

5. How

6. Who

Then jot down some notes against each heading, just bullet points, the idea is to get something down to help get your thoughts together.

What – what will your business do?

Why - why is there a need for your business and how do you know?

When – when did you business start, or when are you starting up or expanding

Where – where is your office or premises? Where are your customers based?

How – how will you reach your customers and tell them about your services?

Who – who do you have in your team, what experience do they have?

Write as much as you can for now and then put it away safely. Think about it over night and then have another go, you will find it much easier to add more information.

Now have a look at Foundation East's business plan template and you will find that much of the information you need is written on your piece of paper.

Good luck!

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