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The journey of my business

16th March 2011 in Big breaks

Two years ago I would never have imagined I would be in the position I am today. After leaving a well-paid job I took what I like to call my ‘leap of faith’ into the business world for the first time.

With a keen passion for marketing and design, after finishing my education I decided not to go to university and spent six years in various business industries. These include sales, design, online marketing and advertising.

By gaining the knowledge and skills from the various roles I performed, at the tender age of 23 years old, I saw a gap in the market for a ‘one stop shop’ creative agency.

I started off in a bedroom at my parents' house. I successfully completed a few jobs and was informed of some office space at Miles Ward Court opposite the market place in Halesworth. The offices are situated in a beautiful courtyard and to help young businesses such as my own well within price range.

WIthin five months I was working from my office in Miles Ward Court.

I will admit that I had no one to teach me how to do business; I quite simply made up my own rules. It is no secret that I am known to people for being a non-conformist businesswoman. I take the rulebook and stamp on it with my best high heels!

When I started my business over a year ago I walked into the business community blind, from employee to director overnight, a big step up.

Within seven months I am winning East of England Young Businesswoman of the year award. So I must have been doing something right and I want to share this with you. Being young and naïve was probably my biggest advantage.

My vision was to create a company that stands out for not only providing an excellent quality service, but a business who really cares about why we are doing it, in order to help the client and having my office set up by Foundation East has allowed me to do so.

I believe very strongly that my twenty years of training in the Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won, is one of the catalysts for my success in business, and I see no reason why I cannot use this within my career, as it has taught me how to focus, persevere and reach all of my goals.

Combining these skills with my strong moral values and a caring personality is what allows me to help other businesses to grow and achieve results.

In the economic climate we are in, I think that it is important to give back and keep supporting the business community. I have always been a fighter both in my Martial Arts training and within my business career.

I have worked for many companies in the past who treat their clients as another number, a pound sign to rub the ego of their bank balance and who were disrespectful whilst doing it.

This was why I would try and change this perception of a businesswoman, you know, the one that says I am a hard-nosed battle-axe – don’t mess with me or I will feed you to the lions.

I hope that I can be a role model for others of my age who have, or are thinking of starting their own business. It is hard work but the results are so rewarding, especially when you can make a difference. I want to say “if I can do it so can you!”

A year on I have my own weekly business column in the largest newspaper in the area and I am working on a book launch for next year, along with a regular appearance on channel 5's the Vanessa Show. Who would have thought it would have lead me to this?

By making the decision to start a business has brought me so much happiness and I feel very blessed.

Rachel Ducker, Apparition Marketing & Design Ltd

Rachel will be continuing to do what she does best, helping her clients by unleashing her passion and energy to make others more successful through creative marketing and design. Visit her blog or follow her on Twitter @RachelDucker.

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