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The joy of Membership – a Businessman’s perspective

28th January 2013 By Mark Braithwaite in Membership

So what do you do with a degree in Zoology in 1982?

Join the business world in a sharp end commercial role is not the most obvious answer but that is what I did. After a couple of similar roles I found myself managing people, getting increasingly involved across the business I worked for and taking on the responsibility for growing a subsidiary business. Before long I was on the Board of both businesses and part owner of them.

This was all very challenging, stimulating, fulfilling and all consuming at times but on the whole very enjoyable and satisfying.

Not least because of the contribution I believe our business made to society.

  • We were proud to employ up to 150 people, which meant that we provided our staff and their families with a livelihood, which in turn enabled them to contribute to rather than draw on society.

  • We were proud to contribute to standards of public health by providing pest control and prevention services along the whole of the food industry supply chain.

I took a change in direction a couple of years ago and these days have a little more time to get involved in things outside of work.

I heard about Foundation East through a business friend who was already a member and what they do really appealed to me, so I signed up, mostly because I recognise that there are many others out there like me who want to take control of their own destiny, have a burning desire to run their own business or have a great business idea.

Given the chance, in due course these people will also be creating significant employment and creating livelihoods which make positive contributions to society.

What some of these folk lack is an organisation which believes in their ability and determination to make it work and the funding to get started or grow.

Cue Foundation East!

As a member (and now Non Executive Director) of Foundation East I get to interact with a superb bunch of people (Staff and Members) from diverse backgrounds, with diverse skills and interests, which is great for my continuing personal development.

if you would like to know more about the individual and corporate benefits membership of Foundation East contact Richard Glinn on 01284 757777.

  • Support the local economy.

  • Support existing local companies

  • Help the establishment of new local businesses.

  • Save jobs and create new employment.

  • Benefit from Community Investment Tax Relief.

  • Join a prestigious group and member’s forum.

Mark Braithwaite, Director.


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