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Think you know it all? So did I

I’ve been in business, working for other people and for myself, for 30 years. Not much gets past me. I know it all. Well, actually, I thought I knew it all. 

When Foundation East agreed to give me a loan to fund a marketing drive for my company, Equilibrium Network Ltd, one of the conditions of the loan was that I had to retain the services of a business coach for six months. Me? Using the services of a business coach? I’m 48 years old and I have been working for 30 years. What could he tell me that I don’t know already?

Foundation East were very insistent. They wouldn’t lend me the money if I didn’t use the services of the business coach. So I swallowed my pride and agreed.

Guess what? The business coach, John, has been fantastic. I wish he had been around a few years ago when I ran another business. It is amazing having someone you can call on who doesn’t pull any punches and will tell you like it is.”

I am a pretty confident person, I don’t shy away from decision-making and I like to lead. But being the leader can be lonely sometimes and it is great having someone on the outside who is in your corner and wants you to succeed.

So once Foundation East had lent me the money and John’s six months were up what do you think I did? I signed him up for the next three years of course!

Richard Gilbert,  Equilibrium Network Ltd

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