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Upgrade your Sat Nav, if not you may get lost.

I, the person who never updates her Sat Nav, have so many times found myself, being directed the wrong way up a one way street, being told to take the second exit at the roundabout – when the roundabout was removed several years ago or simply being told I am in the middle of a field when actually I am travelling along the A1M.

On reading an article by Samuel Arbisan about ‘mesofacts’ (the facts that change over the course of years or decades or an entire lifetime) it became apparent that my Sat Nav was certainly suffering from this.

In today’s fast paced and changing world we all need to update our own knowledge regularly and with the wonderful search engines and plethora of knowledge at our finger tips today it is generally quite possible to get up to date facts.

The same goes for business – you cannot keep selling things for a farthing when a farthing no longer exists. Or, as Samuel puts it, ‘we’ll be stuck....... making maps that show the wrong number of planets’ – a bit like my Sat Nav really.

So not only must we upgrade our Sat Nav (note to self) but we have to remember to keep our products and services suitable for today’s market. Your product/service has to be honed and adapted, your customer focus has to be suited to today’s customer and most importantly you have to be prepared to move, sometimes swiftly, to keep up. If not you will be stuck attempting to sell items which are not required today. I mean who needs a mangle nowadays......

Sometimes we cannot see the change happening but it is a sure thing that your customers will. So why not ask them from time to time if your product/service is suitable to them. Maybe it can be changed in some way to make it more suitable to their needs. Please make sure you don’t direct yourself the wrong way up a one way street.

I just wish I had thought about this long ago then I would not have stored so much rubbish in my head! Now where did I put those cables for my Sat Nav?

Valerie Jarrett, Business Loans Manager for Norfolk and Suffolk

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    Valerie Jarrett

    Valerie Jarrett

    Business Loans Manager for Norfolk and Suffolk

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