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We don't all hang about on the street corner

12th January 2012 in Personal thoughts, News, Current Affairs

I have now been working with Foundation East for two months and gratefully receiving pay cheques. I have now been mildly coerced into writing for this blog. The question was and still is what d I write about because there isn't much going on up top. So after some guidance from the old boss it does seem relevant to discuss about the youth of today and follow on from the previous blog.

The point is how many people reading this blog will have stereotyped every young person that they see? I'm not judging as we do it about you oldies as well. However, the common picture painted is the one that is seen in the news week in week out. ASBO's, unemployed, lazy, rude, obnoxious and arrogant is a few words that have been used to describe us. It's a shame that this is only a minority of the youth of this country but we are all tainted with those headlines. With the violent demonstrations and riots that happened last year I personally found it quite embarrassing to be classed as a young person in this country.
But yet there is a lighter side to us and this is something that I have even started to notice while working at Foundation East. In our current client list there is a constant stream of young people who have made the decision to establish their own businesses and make a positive impact in their local community. I personally can understand why so many young people are now choosing to do this especially in the current economic climate. Who really wants to constantly receive rejection letter after rejection letter for jobs which they have applied for? Having only finished University in May last year it was 6 months until I was offered this position, (seeing as the boss will be reading this I better add that I do really enjoy the work, before he has second thoughts and employs someone else). That however was after completing countless application forms and sending out hundreds of CVs. I am one of the lucky ones as I know that there are many of my friends who haven't got a job in their degree subject or even have a job at all.

So for me personally it is a delight to see the young entrepreneurs that we support doing so well and from a Marketing Department aspect it is great to see companies such as Viking Tree Services and CEG Productions being acknowledged in local papers and local radio stations.
So what are we as an organisation doing to help young entrepreneurs? Well over the next couple of months we are quite busy on that front. In February we are holding an event with West Suffolk College during their Enterprise Week, we are in constant conversations with local Universities and Colleges as to how we can work with them and help to encourage young entrepreneurs.

Yes we may not be able to change the whole situation with unemployment in the country but at least we can try and make a difference in the local region and hopefully produce the next big thing in the business world.

Chris Honeyball, Marketing and Membership Assistant

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