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What's In A Coach?

One of the ways in which we as an organisation strive to help the businesses we support is providing access to a group of highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches. These coaches are an important stage in helping our clients to succeed in a tough economic climate. We would like to introduce one of our coaches and give a background into their experience and why they work with Foundation East. Therefore we asked Jayne Bratton, Managing Director of the Bratton Group why her company decided to work with use.

These are Jayne’s thoughts:

‘I adore working with Foundation East clients. I love listening to the business owners aspirations, and helping them build a bridge of simple steps to achieve those dreams. I keep getting told I am not a typical business coach which is great because I love not being typical anything!

I feel it is a huge privilege to be able to help people’s dreams come true; I have had such an amazing range of clients and I get a great sense of achievement when after 6 months I can see the massive progress the businesses make. I coach the business and the indidviduals because for me successful businesses are all about the people.

My first Foundation East client was the amazing Laura Ali who I met when she was at the point of setting up Little Leaders Pre-School. She did so well and within 6 months had 2 pre-schools and a swimming school. All my Foundation East clients have had such outstanding businesses. My latest Foundation East client rents out birthing pools!

My company is The Bratton Group and my FE work fits beautifully within the rest of my company model of training, coaching and project based work. We have delivered some exciting projects for a range of businesses from start-up companies to local councils. As you might expect from a high growth coach my company has grown quickly and is very stable. We have a permanent team of people and many highly experienced associates which gives us a huge range of skills and diversity.

I am often asked how I am so successful; well I imagine my greatest dreams, then I push those aspirations to be even bigger and even more out of my comfort zone. Then simply do the first thing on a long list of tasks and I get there one task at a time!

I am happily married to Steven who is an industrial chemist, we have 2 beautiful young daughters and live in North Hertfordshire. I set up my own company as I really wanted the flexibility to be around for my girls and to have an ongoing income into my old age!

I am an Ambassador for the UK Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors, a committee member for the Cambridge Federation of Small Businesses, a school governor, a get-mentoring coach, run a residents action group which has successfully influenced some large planning applications, co-run the Children’s Spiritual Workshop, run a women’s networking group called More to Life than Shoes and most of the time my husband is away with work. I am often asked how I fit all this in as well as running my own company and being there for my girls; I’m not quite sure but I know I work very hard and long hours and I am very focused on my priorities and I absolutely love all of it!’

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