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What's in a qualification

Community land trust development managerUniversally, the RICS ‘Chartered’ qualification is acknowledged as the mark of quality within the surveying and construction industries. Therefore, Foundation East is delighted to announce that its Community Land Trust Development Manager, Phil Rose has recently successfully completed his studies and is now a Chartered Planning and Development Surveyor as well as an accepted expert in Community Land Trusts.

Phil has been working in the development industry for around 20 years but the recent downturn provided an opportunity to commence work toward obtaining true professional status.

He began work on his Post-Graduate Diploma in 2009, studying by distance-learning in the evenings and at weekends, and achieved a Distinction from the University of Reading in April last year. Since then he has had to complete his Assessment of Professional Competence, which required Phil to attend a gruelling interview by three Chartered Surveyors during which he was questioned about his work experience, recent projects and the professional conduct.

The Planning and Development field is a specialist area, which impacts not only on the physical aspects of the built environment, but the social, and environmental aspects too. Chartered Planning and Development Surveyors play a vital role in promoting the use of effective land management and administration as one of the primary drivers behind sustainable development.

This new qualification allows Phil to add the letters ‘MRICS’ after his name. More importantly his studies have brought a wealth of knowledge to the work that he is currently undertaking in relation to existing and future Community Land Trust Projects.

New legislation is making it easier for local people to have a greater say over what happens in their neighbourhood using a Community Land Trust. However, not all communities have the necessary range of skills and attributes take advantage of these opportunities and Phil’s depth of knowledge and experience is proving invaluable to communities that have decided that they want their village or town to grow, but need help in determining what type of growth occurs and where, when and how it is delivered.

Phil and Foundation East are helping to raise awareness of Community Land Trusts in the East of England. There are new Trusts forming in East Cambridgeshire and St Edmundsbury Districts that will deliver new affordable, community-owned housing over the next couple of years.

More information can be found at www.clteast.org

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    Phil Rose

    Phil Rose

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