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Why should you invest in Foundation East CITR shares?

7th March 2019 By Foundation East in News

All investors that are UK tax payers can also benefit from a minimum 25% tax relief (5% per year) if they choose to invest in Community Investment Tax Relief shares for a 5-year period.

As part of our push to increase awareness and raise investment in Community Investment Tax Relief, we have created a helpful video to highlight the many benefits when you invest in Foundation East CITR shares. 

We are seeking to raise investment through selling shares in our Community Benefit Society so we can continue our work to provide affordable and responsible loan finance to the small businesses and social enterprise community located in the East of England. We have a comprehensive Investment Prospectus which provides further information on our Community Share Offering.

Download - Investment Prospectus

Foundation East uses the funds raised through our CITR share offer to provide affordable loans to excluded small businesses and social enterprises located in the eastern region. These businesses have been excluded from accessing mainstream funding due to a lack of security, short trading history, an unusual business model or a lack of acceptable credit.

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    Foundation East is the only Responsible Finance provider offering loans and business support to businesses across the East of England. We create £15 of social value for every £1 we loan. To continue helping local entrepreneurs, we're becoming increasingly reliant on funds raised through members buying our CITR shares. Buying CITR shares brings many social, economic and financial benefits.

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