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Why we value our members

27th February 2012 By John Stenhouse in Personal thoughts, Membership

Business loans directorWhen I join an organisation I like to take part and contribute, there seems little point in joining just for the kudos of having your name against it. I have belonged to many professional organisations and I reflect and say “so what.”

When I first heard of Foundation East, I had little knowledge of who they where or what they did but after listening to the staff members and hearing the passion in their voices explaining what they do, it was not long before I realised the great potential this small organisation had.

It was then that I decided that I wanted to be part of this venture and help develop and shape its future. To join was easy, a small amount of money was spent gaining membership and being involved took only my valuable time which I will hastily add was not wasted, as I could commit as much or as little as I wanted according to what I was able to offer.

For businesses Foundation East takes the strain out of dealing with banks, especially when they have let you down as they inevitably do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing I have made a difference to a business, maintaining full employment for hard working business owners and their equally hard working staff and allowing them to grow their business against the odds.

Banks do not seem to understand small businesses; they ignore the passion and drive and only see balance sheets and profits. A small business owner does not get cash bonuses for failing to achieve so how could a bank understand the pressures and decision making processes small businesses go through.

Becoming a member of Foundation East is a commitment however small your contribution is in making a significant difference to local communities and businesses.

John Stenhouse, Director

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    John Stenhouse

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