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Benefits of Investment

Economic Return

Your investment helps to:

  • Support the development of local businesses;
  • Safeguard existing jobs and creates new jobs;
  • Relieve the pressure on the public purse through reducing benefit claims;
  • Increase local taxes being paid to the local authority by increasing local economic activity;
  • £15.68 for every £1 spent proven economic return.

Social Return

Investing in our shares allows you to contribute positively to your local community. 100% of your investment is loaned to small businesses who can't get a loan from the bank. An investment by us into a small business enables the business owner to

  • Fulfil their personal ambition to become an entrepreneur;
  • Change their lives and the lives of their families for the better;
  • Improve their business and life skills and empowers them to make better decisions;
  • Improve their personal well-being and personal circumstances.

Financial Return

Purchasing Community Investment Tax Relief shares entitles you to claim 5% of your investment back from HMRC each year for 5 years.

  • Foundation East is accredited by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to offer Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR). 
  • The relief is equivalent to 5% of the value of an investment each year over five years. The investment must remain with Foundation East for 5 years in order to be eligible for CITR.
  • CITR equates to a pre Income Tax return of 6.2% for 20% tax payers, 8.3% for 40% tax payers, 9.1% for 45% tax payers and 5.8% for Corporation Tax payers. 

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