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We are seeking to raise investment through selling shares in our Community Benefit Society so we can continue our work to provide affordable and responsible loan finance to the small businesses and social enterprise community located in the East of England.

There are two types of shares available to investors; Ordinary and Community Investment Tax Relief (CITR).

Investing in our CITR shares allows the investor to derive a minimum 25% of the total invested, spread over a 5 year period. The tax relief is available against either Income Tax or Corporation Tax.

Please read our Investment Prospectus which we hope will interest you enough to invest in us and begin the process of making a real difference to the growth and development of businesses located in the eastern region.

Download - Investment Prospectus

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Please use our online portal to invest in membership shares. Simply click the “Invest Online Now” button to begin the investment process. Please make sure you have read and understood all the investment information before proceeding. 

Please note: If you are a corporation that is not registered on Companies House and wish to invest (e.g. Charitable Incorporated Organisation, Registered Society) then please click here to fill out our Investment E-mail Template.

Member Testimonials

I sat in on a meeting between one of my clients and Foundation East. It was so refreshing to hear the application would be judged on the business case and the individual, rather than a remote credit scoring system, together with an offer of ongoing help and support, as opposed to simply monitoring.

- Brian Floringer, Partner at Lovewell Blake LLP
Certain shares in Foundation East qualify for a tax relief aimed at stimulating community investment. Becoming a member enabled me to obtain a good return (by way of tax reduction) and at the same time channel resources to new business ventures focused on wealth creation.

- John Parker, Individual Member
I wanted to work with SMEs and joining Foundation East gave me that opportunity. Foundation East support the local economy by providing finance to businesses. As a member I can become directly involved with the SMEs we support and I welcome the opportunity to see them develop. I am also helping Foundation East grow, evolve and continue much needed finance to the SME sector.

- Barry Van Eupen, Local Business Owner
The tax break is an attraction, of course, but it is a nice feeling to think I’m putting something back into the region.

- James Smith, Investor

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