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Our Loan Products


We lend up to £100,000 to Businesses 

We lend money to all manner of business people to enable their enterprise to grow and thrive.

We offer:
  • Growth/Expansion Loans from £10,000 up to £100,000 aimed at established businesses who are looking to grow and take their company to the next level.
  • Small business loans (averaging around £5,000) aimed at small businesses who may need a short term capital injection or funds to improve their business.
  • Social Purpose Loans with a reduced interest rate to help early stage and growing socially motivated enterprises.

If you have a viable business idea but need funding and support to make your entrepreneurial dream come true, get more equipment to grow your company, need some working capital to help with cash flow or to take on an apprentice to expand your services – we may be able to help.

The drive and motivation of the people behind the business is important to us

Unfortunately, there are many people with good business ideas or established businesses who are unable to access finance from mainstream banks. The reasons why may include a lack of assets to use as security, an insufficiently strong credit rating or even the business sector in which they trade.

Banks refer the customers they are unable to help to us

Even if your local bank manager sees the potential within your business plan and believes in your ability to deliver the business plan, they can often be restricted by the credit policy of the bank as a whole. Often these difficulties prove impossible to overcome and an application, however strong a business idea it represents, is turned down. Fortunately, most bank managers in those cases refer their clients to an alternative funding provider – us, Foundation East.

"We don't use credit scoring as the criteria for awarding a loan; instead we look at the business plan and the cash flow projections, and most importantly the people behind the company. If you have a strong business case you are well on your way to being approved for a loan." Foundation East Business Loans Manager