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Andalyn Cat Hotel

Andalyn Cat Hotel

Andalyn Cat Hotel - £50,000 over 10 years, 1 job created

“Without the loan, I would never have been able to realise my dreams and achieve what I have done with this business. These last 14 years have been the most pleasurable of all my working life. It has been, and continues to be, hard work. My family have all benefited from the lifestyle that my business has created for us and I will be forever grateful to the company that supported me when the bank said no.” - Lynne Cowling -

With capital ready to invest, two years of market research under her belt and over 30 years experience of breeding and handling cats, Lynne Cowling felt she was in a strong position to obtain finance from her bank to build a luxurious cat hotel in Suffolk.

Knowledgeable about the importance of cleanliness and practicality when working with animals, Lynne decided that the ‘cat penthouses’ should be created from uPVC rather than the brick and wood constructions favoured by other catteries.

But when her bank manager failed to understand how lucrative her new business venture could be, Lynne, dedicated to the concept of a 5 star facility, went in search of someone who would appreciate how important it was to her.

She got in touch with us and, after providing a business plan and cash flow projections that evidenced her proposal was a viable one, we offered her a loan which would help to fund the building of the cat hotel. The Andayln Cat Hotel has built a reputation for outstanding feline care and has provided accommodation for over 1000 cats, many of whom stay again and again.

Lynne admits she wouldn’t be where she is today without the encouraging support she received. “When you start a business it’s important to have both financial support and ongoing guidance from a friendly and trusted source."

"Foundation East have always been really hands on and helpful. I’ve got customers from all over the East who want their pets to enjoy first class accommodation and in a safe pair of hands while they go on holiday."