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DOfilm – Directed to Achieve

DOfilm – Directed to Achieve

Business name: DOfilm
Industry: Media Production
Location: Suffolk


Phill Williams had a great business idea to set up the production company DOfilm. The first project was to develop and exploit the untapped versatility of a DVD as an instructional and a sales aid. What’s more, his bank liked his business plan enough to agree a loan of £13,500.

Lights. Camera. Action.


On the day the loan was due, small print of the loan agreement revealed a dreadful directive ‘No film production’. The agreement was cancelled and funds he was counting on would never reach his account. This could have seriously delayed, or even stopped, Phill’s dreams about becoming a self-employed film producer. Premier production of Phill’s first DVD – a DIY guide – was already arranged. “DOdecorating” was supposed to be available on Father’s Day, which was fast approaching.

Time was of the essence and he refused to let go of his ideas. Luckily, Phill’s bank manager, although limited by the strict policies of his employer, was still convinced by DOfilm’s business plan and referred him to Foundation East.


Foundation East were able to help. Banks consider new technologies an area of high risk; however, Foundation East considers more factors and analyses company’s business plan, cash flow projections as well as the people behind the business, thus creating a real image of the company. When a proposal looks viable it is referred to a panel of members for a final decision to lend.


DOfilm were successful and their first DVD was available in time for the Father’s Day fever.

“While the important role of main-stream banks is unquestionable, dealing with them can be frustrating. Restricted by small print they are unable to treat individual cases on merit. Luckily, Foundation East is different. Thanks to them, my business is up and running, a business that has potential to create further jobs local” – commented Phil.

Where they are today

Phil and his company have to date created films in such exotic locations like China, Miami and Hungary. His clients include NHS, Network Rail, Oracle Racing and Eurosport. The business is growing strongly but as they care about the environment,  DOfilm are a part of the Prince’s Mayday Network inspiring companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

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