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Gary the Driver

Imagine loving driving so much you’d do it for free if you didn’t have to earn a living. Imagine creating a viable business plan, then discovering that getting funding to realise your dream from a bank is impossible without personal assets. Imagine finding a Responsible Finance company that sees your business plan’s potential, offers you a loan and mentors you along the way. That, in short, is the story of Gary the Driver

 Gary Kennon loves driving. Having spent a year and a half as a receptionist in a Mercedes showroom, following ten years working in university security, Gary became aware of the role of trade plate drivers. Trade plate drivers are professional drivers who collect and deliver vehicles for a living, often from and to car dealerships.

 “It’s a job that’s always appealed, yet knowing the poor rates agency drivers earn, I knew if I wanted to make ends meet, I’d have to be completely independent,” advises Gary.

 Gary, a lifelong learner with a Masters Degree in Creative Entrepreneurship, is no stranger to business planning. He attended a business loan application workshop run by Foundation East, who he found out about at his local library, before completing his loan application.

 “Gary showed great interest and determination during this course. He had already completed a massive amount of research. He submitted a very suitable and viable plan and forecast and provided letters of intent from a number of car dealerships. He communicated and willingly took on the advice we offered,” informs Valerie Jarrett, Foundation East’s business loans manager for Norfolk and Suffolk.

 “Foundation East’s loan has enabled me to realise a dream. I just love driving. I don’t care what I drive. Whilst I am very sociable, I enjoy my own company and occupy the time listening to audio books and courses. I take great pleasure observing changes in landscapes through which I drive. I’m so lucky. I am, essentially, a paid tourist in a university on wheels!” explains Gary.

 “People with no capital or security to offer a bank are just as likely to have great business ideas as those who have. Without organisations like Foundation East, who have the experience and expertise to know whether a business owner’s ideas are realistic, and are prepared to back them based on the strength of that idea, many potential entrepreneurs may never have the opportunity to realise their dreams. Responsible Finance Providers, like Foundation East, truly enable equal opportunity,” Gary advises.

 “I encourage anyone passionate about a business idea who is struggling to find finance, no matter their circumstances, to contact Foundation East. Whilst the process of applying for a loan was made simple and clear, I recommend attending their business application course, it tells you exactly what they need to consider a loan application,” he concludes.