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Jobs From Blue Flying High

Jobs From Blue Flying High

Business name: Jobs From Blue
Industry: Online Job Search Engine
Location: Luton, Bedfordshire


It started as a hobby, but in 2004 JobsfromBlue was big enough to become a business – one of the industry’s leading online Job Boards in the UK and one of the first to provide standard job postings for free. Six years later, having invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours into their favourite project, they faced their biggest challenge yet, as a major client was looking to engage their services. They would significantly increase traffic to the website, as their plan was to post 16,600 jobs on the site per month. Changes were to happen and they had to happen quickly if they were to cope with the demand – and they fully intended to do so.

Arran explains: “We had been trialling the jobs board for a year whilst still doing our day jobs.We knew  we needed to develop the technology but doing this would present us with a cash flow problem and we needed help.’  

Banks refused their requests for funding and JobsfromBlue were directed to Foundation East, where they met Bob Shimmon, Business Loans Manager.


"Bob was brilliant with us, at the start he went through everything and made sure everything was covered and that we understood it all. Now if we need him he is only a phone call away and always there to give advice if we need” – said Arran.


The injection of cash enabled the company to create its own administrative system, which not only automates the processes but keeps overheads down. They are considering putting the money towards making the website more interactive and user friendly. There’s more. “We are looking to employ Account managers and a Sales team so we can focus on building the website further and to reach a large market” – says Paul.

Where they are today

They have created a thriving online community and are developing an online platform around a group of websites, but are planning to re-invest back into the real-life economy as well, by employing people in the local area. So far, they have received a nomination for a National Online Recruitment Award and we have a feeling this may be the first of many.   

“We had invested a lot in to the business but without Foundation East we would have been dead in the water”- concludes Arran.

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