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KSP Consultancy

Katherine Packer worked with several blue chip companies to establish their occupational health services prior to setting up KSP Consultancy in 2005. KSP Consultancy offers a full range of occupational health services including Absence Management and Rehabilitation, Employment screening, Health surveillance and Stress management mainly for the manufacturing industry in Suffolk.

Katherine is extremely proud of her achievements so far in her career but wished to expand her offer to provide a swifter reactive and proactive service to her clients. She also wanted to develop KSP’s services to include health promotion in line with planned government initiatives and to complement those initiatives already specified in case law.

Katherine recognized that as the only employee, she is spread too thinly and that to grow the business she needed to take on another member of staff and invest in some more modern health surveillance equipment along with some more up to date IT. She approached her bank but due to an insufficient credit rating they were unable to help her. They did however put her in touch with Valerie Jarrett, Foundation East’s Business Development Manager for Suffolk.

Valerie was “impressed with Katherine’s knowledge and drive, while also recognizing the hard work and determination she had shown to get KSP Consultancy to where it is today.” Valerie was happy to put KSP forward for a loan. As a result Katherine has taken on the new employee who is already proving his worth. Katherine continues to work closely with Valerie, focusing on cash flow forecasting and planning for future developments of the business.

‘The loan from Foundation East allowed me to purchase new equipment and take on a new employee on a contractual basis’ she told the marketing team in September 2015 when they met up with Katherine to see how she was getting on and to see if they could continue to support her going forward.