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Pure Tree Design

Pure Tree Design

Dan Rule, a Suffolk craftsman and designer, is passionate about both his trade and the environment. He’s a perfectionist too, as is evident in the quality of his work, so when he decided to go for his dream, setting up Pure Tree Design, he was thorough in his approach. Requiring a loan of £25k to buy the machinery he needed to scale his new business, he was turned away by his bank due to a lack of trading history. Undeterred he searched online and found Responsible Finance Provider Foundation East.

“I love what I do and if I could, I would be in the workshop 24/7. Taking people’s ideas and turning them into reality excites me. I love the challenge of designing the right piece to the right budget. In my view furniture should be designed with care, made with passion and built to last. It shouldn’t be made overseas with badly procured materials, shipped in and relegated to landfill after a year in service,” advises Dan.

Thanks to Foundation East’s loan, Pure Tree Design is busy designing and manufacturing bespoke timber products for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as outside furniture including gates, planters and doors.  Everything is made in their workshops in Bulmer, near Sudbury, using responsibly procured wood.  Pure Tree Design’s clients range from interior designers to various types of businesses requiring office and reception furniture, to retailers, the catering industry and the general public, locally, nationally and internationally.

“Dan approached us for a loan to fund the growth of his young venture. His proposition and plan was a viable one and this coupled with his obvious passion and enthusiasm gave us the confidence that he would be successful.  We were pleased to provide him with a loan and on-going mentoring.“ advises Peter Davis, senior business loans manager at Foundation East.

“Foundation East has supported me every step of the way, enabling me to set up this business doing what I love with great pride. I’ve always worked hard, but now, with my workshop right next to my house I am able to see more of my kids, and they love seeing what I do. I am so much happier running my own business. It is hard work but the rewards are so much greater than working for someone else. Knowing that the things I make bring joy to people’s lives is a great feeling, and I am grateful to be given this opportunity,” Dan concludes.

Dan’s handcrafted, bespoke furniture business has grown by word of mouth alone. Now, thanks to the recent addition of a CNC machine to its newly updated IT suite, Dan can scale up his business to offer affordable, high end furniture to a wider audience, as well as offering a cutting service to the trade, businesses and the public. With the help of Suffolk social media agency Marvelous Media’s Tom Walker, Dan’s beautiful bespoke furniture is soon to be promoted on Etsy, Facebook and other social media channels too. Why not take a look? We’re sure you’ll be impressed…