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Greg Taylor’s passion for all things Popcorn started many years ago when he was just a boy, having been bought popcorn as a treat at the cinema. Back then the choice was either salty or sweet but Greg liked all sorts of sweets so caramel or toffee didn’t quite fit the bill. 15 years later, having worked extensively in the hospitality trade, most recently in a casino overlooking the Olympic park, Greg decided to provide his sweet tooth with the confectionary it had craved for all those years earlier and the result was Retrocorn.

Retrocorn popcorn is 100% handmade using a top secret recipe and is a gluten free, vegetarian and low fat treat. The most popular flavours include Cola cube, Rhubarb & Custard and Pear Drops but Retrocorn can make a batch of popcorn in any flavour to suit a customer’s requirements including special occasion popcorn for weddings or corporate events.

Retrocorn started from Greg’s nan’s kitchen but as demand for the product increased it became evident that more efficient production and bagging methods, along with more suitable premises were needed. Greg approached his bank for the funding he required to meet his expansion plans including the purchase of an automated bagging machine. This request was declined as the bank did not consider him to have been trading for long enough. They did however recommend Foundation East, who specialise in supporting early stage businesses with the finance and support they need to be successful.

“Greg’s passion for his product shone through and his business plan reflected clearly what he wanted to achieve” said Charlotte Stenhouse, Foundation East’s Business Loans Manager for Essex. Her support in Greg’s asset finance loan application, resulted in Retrocorn moving to new premises in Witham, increasing corn production and creating and saving 4 jobs.