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S & C Moore Farming Ltd

S & C Moore Farming Ltd

Simon Moore grew up on a farm in Norfolk and as a tenant farmer’s son, got involved with all aspects of arable farming. Naturally Simon expected to take over the farm tenancy in the fullness of time however on the death of his father, the farm landlord decided to sell the farm and Simon and his wife Catherine found themselves without a farm and no income to support themselves.

With 26 years of farming experience between them Simon and Catherine approached Norfolk County Council to become tenant farmers and following a rigorous and highly competitive process were successful in their application. They secured 154 acres of prime arable land near Acle, where they grow wheat, barley, and beans.

Although Simon and Catherine had some savings they needed further funding to purchase seed, fertiliser, some equipment and working capital for cash flow purposes, as the farmers do not get paid until the crop is brought in. They approached their bank for the funding but were declined as the farming sector was not attractive at the time and due to the cash flow issues they were likely to face.

Simon and Catherine approached Foundation East, having been signposted to us from Norfolk County Council. The Business Loans Manager, Peter Wood met the couple and was impressed by their complete understanding of the farming business and their belief that they could make a success of the farm. Simon uses a complex soil analysis service to ascertain which fields suit which crops and is able to determine the amount of fertiliser required to bring in the highest yield and sustain the land. In addition to his work on the farm Simon supplements his income in the leaner months by driving the local school bus!