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Uggeshall Kennels

Uggeshall Kennels


Uggeshall Kennels has grown from strength to strength since its owner, Anne-Marie Millard, first approached us for a loan to enable her to expand her dog kennel breeding business. Based in rural Suffolk, Anne-Marie breeds all types of spaniels including springers and cocker spaniels in a responsible way, adhering to strict breeding policies.

Enjoying sustained success, Anne-Marie was keen to expand the business, upgrade the premises and purchase more breeding animals.


To achieve this Anne-Marie needed finance and having successfully repaid one loan already, Anne-Marie applied to us for further loan finance to enable her business growth ambitions to be met.


The access to finance extended to Anne-Marie has not only enabled the expansion of a sustainable business and the creation of a new job role, but has also had a positive social impact on her and on the lives and well-being of her extended family.

Loan: £5,600

Term: 36 Months

Jobs: 1 Created


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