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WCB Maintenance

WCB Maintenance

The desire to support his young family and be less reliant on the benefit system was the incentive Wayne Batley needed to take his destiny into his own hands.  An experienced and qualified painter, decorator and household maintenance man for a number of years, Wayne had picked up many skills along the way. However, suitable job opportunities were few and far between and did not provide him with a reliable income with which to support his new family. With the support of his partner Hollie, he decided to establish WCB Maintenance, providing handy man and gardening services to the residents of Norfolk village, Coltishall and surrounding villages. As a local man, he was already well known and quickly gained the trust of the elderly residents in particular, many of whom needed small jobs doing but could not afford the costs charged by larger more established firms.


As the business grew Wayne needed to buy some additional tools and to undertake some marketing to better promote the business, and applied to his bank for a small loan. His application was however declined due to Wayne’s lower than acceptable credit history and that his was a start up venture. Undeterred Wayne continued his search for funding and was directed to Foundation East by Broadland District Council.


Upon applying for a small loan, Wayne was contacted by Business Loans Manager Valerie Jarrett. Valerie was impressed by Wayne’s commitment to earn his own living and not to depend on hand outs from the state, even if that would have been an easier option. Hollie is also heavily involved in the business and regularly attends business and finance courses run by the local council.